Quickly installed and useable – without any power supply cables!

First football scoreboard with integrated solar operation

Our sports scoreboards are operated completely with solar energy with the help of our innovative and energy-saving scoreboard technology!

This way you can operate our sports scoreboards anywhere – independent of a power grid and thus save a lot of money for the connection and the running operation.

Digit height up to 135 cm

The digit height (numerics and letters) can be chosen for all scoreboards: 28 cm, 45 cm, 90 cm or 135 cm! We can thus guarantee an excellent readability up to a distance of 600 m – the “wow”-effect from your seat is a sure thing!

5 years warranty

All ReGeLa soccer scoreboards are developed and produced in Germany. That is why we offer you a 5 years warranty. Convince yourself of our quality!

Simple operation

Also concerning the operation user-friendliness is important for us: The new radio remote control is equivalent to a smart phone concerning its size and weight. The operation is intuitive and immediately possible without long briefing! This radio remote control is part of every ReGeLa soccer scoreboard.


All scoreboards are ballproof and  extremely ruggedly constructed. The construction consists of welded aluminium profiles.

Latest scoreboard technology

Our scoreboards are operated electronically and maintenance-free, without movable parts. The displays can be perfectly read under solar irradiation and have an angle of readability of 170 degrees.

Flexible acquisition

As a further feature we can offer you maximum flexibility in your acquisition: Whether you buy, hire-purchase, lease or rent – you will receive the suitable individual solution for your needs from us!

The costs can easily be re-financed through  optional advertising panels via sponsors. The sponsors can write the costs off against tax.

Complete solution from one source

If requested our specialized staff will carry out the installation on site for you. We offer various solutions for the installation:

  • Mast mounting
  • Concrete foundation with anchor in ground
  • Ready-made base above ground
  • Wall mounting

High strength laminated safety glass

All scoreboards have a high-quality, wear-free and dirt-resistant glass pane made of certified, high strength laminated safety glass.

Already in use

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