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The scoreboard FA 100/2 was installed at the synthetic turf field. The contract also included a concrete foundation with a mast. The sponsors are particularly well placed on the advertising areas!

In the Son Malferit Stadium of Atlético Baleares is the first solar-powered scoreboard in Spain in operation. Especially on Majorca - with a high proportion of solar hours - these display panels are particularly suitable, because even under direct exposure to the sun is an excellent readability...

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Just in time for the opening of the new synthetic turf field, the scoreboard FAS 100/2 was installed at the floodlight mast. The scoreboard now provides the spectators with reliable score and playing time!

The scoreboard in the stadium in Weingarten is designed for soccer and American football.
In the soccer mode the playing time is shown from 0 in ascending order and for American football from 15 minutes every second in descending order.
The scoreboard is powered by integrated solar...

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This scoreboard on an artificial lawn field in Basel is controlled by a vandal-proof remote control that is fixed at the fence. Thus the scoreboard is ready to use for everybody anytime.
The scoreboard as well as the remote control operate without external power supply and thus...

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At the international game Turkey – England of U20 in the Donaustadion in Ulm on 10 October 2015 the scoreboard FA 400/2 was in use.

At the Burkhardt Cup 2015 of the SV Machtolsheim the scoreboard FA 100/2 provided a valuable service informing everybody about the score.

The scoreboard FA 400/2 was in use at the FC 07 Albstadt.

Use of the soccer scoreboard FA 100/2 during snowfall at the SV Westerheim!

The scoreboard FA 100/2 was in use at the TSV Weilheim/Teck.

The scoreboard FA 400/2 was in use at the Schmiechtal-Cup 2015. Due to the impressive character height, the score could be read from far away!


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